Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Hello !

Hello and Happy Wednesday. I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter. It was all going well here up until Saturday when my little girl Grayce came out in chicken pox. We had expected them ages ago as my niece has had them and they were flying around the school, so much for thinking we had escaped. Ben my little boy isn't showing any signs yet but I suppose only time will tell, it is his 5th birthday on the 7th May so I hope he hasn't got them for that, plus he has Downs Syndrome and like everything else he would no doubt get them twice as bad ! Anyway less of my pessimism and onto cards, I haven't had chance to make any for days now as Grayce has been so clingy but I am hoping to get going again maybe tonight as there are a few challenges I want to have a go at. Hope to post soon with piccies.

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